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Summer Glow

I absolutely love every purchase I’ve made from Lily & Lucy Co. The products smell amazing and leave your skin glowing. It’s just what I needed to get my skin soft and supple for the summer.

I love this lip scrub it brightens, smoothes and hydrates my lips better than any other lip scrub I’ve purchased I highly recommend!

This makes my body smooth
I love the vanilla scent 😋

I have eczema and these natural products help smooth my skin.

Love it!

The texture and smell of this scrub is perfect! Love it! Will buy again!

Loved it!

The smell, texture, and oil moisture from this scrub is a great mix/ratio. Thanks!

Amazing product

I bought to revitalize my dull face and have been getting compliments ever since.

The best!

The body polishes make me feel like a new woman! Do yourself a favor and get some! Trust me :)

Great product!

Perfect Multi-use Oil

This oil is absolutely perfect for moisturizing and relaxation! My skin gets gets dry and ashy very easily, especial during the colder months, and a couple of drops of this oil eliminates that and lasts for hours. The rose and lavender scent is amazing and is actually very relaxing & calming. I can still smell the aroma on me even when I wear my mask to go out. I definitely recommend this oil to anyone, especially if you have dry skin.

Loved It!

This is amazing! Not only does it exfoliate and leave your skin soft and moisturized it SMELLS SO GOOD. Your shower is enveloped in the aroma of Vanilla and Coffee just like your favorite Macchiato.


I purchase the lavender & rose oil and I’ve used it every night before bed. I wake up and my skin is so smooth and supple! I will definitely purchase from this company again.

Awesome Product

This is my second Body Polish and I love the fragrance. Wakes me up in the mornings. Definitely will purchase again!

Body scrub & Oil

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this product! I’ve always been into sugar scrubs, but this by far, hands-down is my favorite! The way my skin felt afterwards to the natural aroma makes this product a WINNER! Definitely purchasing more in the near future!

Exfoliating + Moisturizing Scrub

I’ve found it difficult to find a scrub that exfoliates well and moisturizes the skin. They usually do one or the other. This scrub does both and it doesn’t leave that false oil on top of the skin that makes it seem like it’s moisturized. It actually moisturizes. The scrub is gentle enough where it doesn’t irritate the skin but still provides enough exfoliation. Love the oil as well and use it on both my face to lock in moisture and my skin. It has been great for my baby bump and feels great.

Body Glow Hydration Kit

Received my body glow hydration kit a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. These products are so gentle on my skin leaving it so smooth and soft. I would recommend incorporating these products into your skin care routine.

Perfect! Love this product. Introducing it to my family and loved ones.

the best!

The body oil is the best, and I love that it can be used from head to toe. The scent smells so good it's not too strong or too sweet, it's perfect! My husband likes it too! It is the perfect finish after using the delectable body polish, it feels like a mini spa escape at home.

Body scrub

The body scrub works wonders and my skin felt soft immediately after the first use.

Morning boost!

I love the smell of this scrub, I call it my coffee before my coffee. My skin feels so silky after using it, it's a delightful treat. I'm excited each time I get to use it.

Body Scrub + Oil

The body scrub and oil products are a serious game changer for providing hydration and Moisture for dry skin! Not only did I get instant results, but, I also have radiating improvement and smoother skin. These are high quality efficient products that I would recommend to anyone!

Totally in love

After just ONE use my legs and arms feel AMAZING!!!! I’m blown away with the quality of this product. It smells great, works so well, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. Definitely purchasing again!!!!

Must Have!

My entire body felt like butter after using this product. Silky, smooth and soft. I am extremely impressed with the quality of this body scrub and the effects that it has on my skin. It smells awesome and gets the job done! If you are looking for an amazing exfoliate to add to your skin care regimen, look no further!!

Amazing product

Let me first start off by saying this is one of the best scrubs I’ve ever purchased! The product is perfect for exfoliating the skin And leaves your skin Silky smooth and moisturized with the infused oils. I literally use the product everyday. It is also safe to use on your face. Oh and did I mention it smells absolutely amazing if you are a lavender lover! I highly recommend this product!