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Our Mission

Cultivating a culture of self love, with the intent to promote acceptance, self-empowerment, and the importance of self care through skin care.

  • Spreading Awareness

    We wish to spread awareness and educate people on toxin-free alternatives when it comes to skin health.

  • Loving Thy Self

    It is important to show the community the importance of self care and how being conscious about what you put on your skin can, in turn, accrue a standard of health, holistically.

  • Keeping it Natural

    We specialize in botanical, herbal-infused skin care. All products are hand-crafted, health conscious, and toxin-free.

Benefits of Botanicals

Learn the benefits to using skin care products with toxin-free ingredients, and the importance of self care.

Self Care 101
  • Lemon Pound Cake Lip Scrub

    I love this lip scrub it brightens, smoothes and hydrates my lips better than any other lip scrub I’ve purchased I highly recommend!

  • Vanilla Coffee Body Polish

    This is amazing! Not only does it exfoliate and leave your skin soft and moisturized it SMELLS SO GOOD. Your shower is enveloped in the aroma of Vanilla and Coffee just like your favorite Macchiato.

  • Rose & Lavender Body Oil

    I purchase the lavender & rose oil and I’ve used it every night before bed. I wake up and my skin is so smooth and supple! I will definitely purchase from this company again.

  • Brown Sugar Body Polish

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this product! I’ve always been into sugar scrubs, but this by far, hands-down is my favorite! The way my skin felt afterwards to the natural aroma makes this product a WINNER! Definitely purchasing more in the near future!

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Who is Lily Lucy Co

Lily Lucy Co is a story that starts off with a personal journey to find a solution to a problem. Growing up, our founder suffered from a chronic skin disorder commonly known as eczema. Through many years of focusing on treating her skin, she developed an interest in skincare. It was through her skincare journey she learned what you put on your skin is absorbed and goes directly to the bloodstream.

She later discovered the many products she used had toxic chemicals that could have adverse
effects on the body. Shortly after, she decided to throw them away. With newfound knowledge, she made a point to create natural products she could use on her skin to keep it healthy and moisturized without worrying about what was going into her body.

As time progressed, she shared her skincare products with family and friends. Many of them
also suffered from skin disorders, and their experience, along with
their feedback, pushed her to take a passion and turn it into something
she could share with others.

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