Through my selfcare journey, I found myself in the pursuit of self-educating and actively piecing together information to create solutions for taking care of my skin without the burden of harmful chemicals.

In that time, I realized I not only wanted a product free of toxins, I wanted a product that made me want to carve out time to take care of myself and make me fall in love with my skin again. A  product that was straightforward, without the hassle, and really works.

In our daily lives, we are in a constant rotation of time.

Given a small window of time, we handle tough choices and trade offs to the best of our ability. Deciding what you put on your skin shouldn't be one of those trade offs. 

That's why I created Lily & Lucy : Cultivating a culture of self love, with the intent to empower you in your discovery of loving oneself, as you are, through self care. This is the time to manifest a ritual that supports your well being.

Lily & Lucy wants to give you the option of including something that was created with the notion of showing self love through self care. This notion can be the catalyst for making a positive impact on human health.